Yesterday, many places in our province ushered in the first heavy snow in 2020. However, this kind of weather also brings the very big safety hidden danger to our trip - the slippery road!


Fall, for some young people, just \"clap ash to stand up\" so simple, but for the elderly, but no less than heart disease, stroke, light fracture, heavy is life-threatening. A single fall could bring a healthy old man's health to a cliff level.


“Most of the elderly have osteoporosis and reduced bone mass, even if a slight external force can cause fractures, and the reduced protective mechanism after falling is also an important factor. Luoyang Zhenggu Hospital, Henan Province (Department of Orthopaedics Hospital, Henan Province) Zhengzhou hospital area upper limb injury department director Zhou Zhonghua said.


The common fall posture of the elderly is the lack of upper limb cushioning protection mechanism, usually directly to the hip. Therefore, the elderly fall often occurred after the fracture: one is the hip to the ground, resulting in fractured femoral neck, lumbar compression fracture. In this kind of situation, the elderly usually cannot stand up on their own, after the fracture stay in bed for a long time, healing slowly, prone to postoperative complications, serious is life-threatening. The second is to use the hand to support the ground, resulting in a broken arm. With the hand to support the ground, often injured wrist, or distal ulna\/radius fracture, postoperative do not need to stay in bed, and rehabilitation training is easy to do, to avoid fatal complications.


'It's because most people naturally want to balance the ground with their hands when they fall,' Mr. Zhou said.'However, the friction on the road decreases after the snow.


When the wrists also have no time to support, a lot of people will sit back with their buttocks. 'For young people, it's probably the tailbone that hurts for days at most, but if it's an older person who falls like that, it's very likely to have a thoracolumbar compression fracture.' Director zhou zhonghua pointed out that the whole buttock landing is very dangerous, can fall on one side of the buttock landing, but also a very dangerous posture, the elderly have osteoporosis, under such a strong impact, it is easy to occur hip fracture, including femoral neck fracture, intertrochanteric fracture and so on.


The response after the fall is also very important, director zhou zhonghua cautioned, after the fall do not rush to get up, but to check the body joints, there is no severe pain.


Wrist and ankle fractures, although the pain is obvious, but most can barely move, can use books, cardboard shell, wooden strips and other temporary fixation of the injured site, immediately to the nearby hospital for treatment.


If you feel pain in your waist, try not to move. Because after the thoracolumbar vertebrae fracture, if free movement, may cause the fracture block displacement, the compression nerve, may cause the lower extremity paralysis when serious. Call for help as soon as possible. Don't blindly drag, pull, carry and hurt the rescuers. The right thing to do is to put signs around the injured, to warn, warn and protect people and vehicles from secondary injuries. At the same time call 120 emergency telephone, by the professional medical staff assistance.


Before the first aid personnel arrive, if they have to move the injured person, slowly move the whole body,\" one line \"move, do not bend, reverse or move the injured person significantly.


All in all, rain and snow weather, road ice, as far as possible to reduce the number of times to go out, when walking tile paved sidewalk, but also try to carry less water, less ice, pay attention to the foot, lower the center of gravity, walk slowly is the most critical.


1。 Hands do not insert in the pocket, hands on the outside can maintain balance, in case of fall can be held with the hand, not easy to fall the leg injury, after all, the upper limb trauma is better than the lower limb trauma, the prognosis is better.