“localization,5G will be China's semiconductor 2020 investment line. A number of insiders in the interview with reporters happened to mention these key words.


With the transfer of industrial chain and the promotion of ICT localization, the localization of semiconductor industry chain is accelerating, and the industry is particularly optimistic about the domestic substitution opportunities of semiconductor equipment materials and key components, such as domestic etching machine, glue coating development equipment, storage, power amplifier chip (PA), radio frequency and so on.


“None of the 5G's will be too bad." Some interviewees told reporters that the 5g opportunity confirmed that the market had been optimistic about the volume of 5g handsets shipped by 2020 as high as 300m units, that the radio frequency (such as filters) and antennas needed for 5g were hot spots, and that other components such as capacitors, inductors and cameras (cis) also deserved attention.


China's semiconductor industry has experienced a \"shortage of capacity\" since the second half of 2019, driven by the two main lines. Industry sources told reporters that the wafer manufacturing plant, packaging plant capacity constraints will continue until the third quarter of this year.


Zhou xiaoyang, a former managing director of china, the world's second-largest packaging company, sparked a major shock in the chip world when he joined start-up guangzhou core energy semiconductor co., ltd.


“My last shift is for the Chinese company. In an interview with the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Zhou Xiaoyang said that China's semiconductor industry has become an important part of the global industry, and that China's semiconductor companies have reached the stage of managers who need to be internationalized.


With the creation of \"core\" people, swallow is more troubled recently. \"It's not easy to get capacity in the packaging plant, to go to a domestic storage company to place an order NORFlash, and be told to raise prices again.


Three years ago, swallow and her husband founded the new far microelectronics, now just in time for tws brought the bluetooth chip outbreak, mixed:\" happy is everywhere out of stock, customers are more willing to give themselves the opportunity; worry, chip contract, packaging and other lack of production.\"


“We've got an investment in Shunluo Electronics." Kaiyuan Communications Chairman and General Manager Jia Bin told reporters. Kaiyuan Communications has been established for less than two years, has launched the first domestic application in the 5Gn41 band of high-performance BAW filter product EP70N41. Now, when Jia Bin answered the phone, the most often said is "I will be on the way to see the customer ".


“expects core shipments to be several times higher in 2020." A person close to the domestic CPU company Zhaoxin told reporters that the realization of domestic substitution, such as Jingjiawei, Guokewei will have better growth opportunities; in the market end, fragmented intelligent material link market, more suitable for "ant Xiongbing" type of Chinese chip companies, etc. let Botong integration into the focus, TWS has achieved a number of chip design companies such as Zhongke Lanxun, Heng Xuan, Jie Li.


According to financial data, Jing Jiawei in 2019\" speed up \"significantly, the company's first three quarters of net profit to mother year-on-year growth of%. The company's JM7200 chip has developed a series of civilian chips, including Bluetooth chip and audio chip, taking into account the private and civilian market, according to a recent agency survey.


As the world's third-largest norflash chip company, mr zhao hosted 521 research institutes in the second half of last year. Thanks to IOT (Internet of things) and 5G's demand for NORFlash, product restructuring, Zhaoyi's third-quarter gross margin rose by 3 percentage points last year. At present, Zhaoyi Innovation has signed a 300 million debt-to-equity swap agreement with Hefei Changxin, the two sides to develop DRAM products.


Reporters summarized Choice data, the last six months, the agency has been investigated by the home-made chip concept companies as many as 39, including HTC Electronics, Zhongying Electronics, Shennan circuit were investigated 18 times,16 times,14 times. In addition, domestic semiconductor equipment, materials company North Hua Chong, Jiangfeng Electronics, Anji Science and Technology were investigated 11 times,7 times,4 times. In terms of the number of reception agencies, shangbang shares in the reception agency research 286(times), after zhao yi innovation.


The establishment of Kechuang Board also laid a capital foundation for domestic chip companies to break the waves. In an interview with the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Mr. Wang Shumin, chairman and general manager of Anji Technology, said the company was lucky to be the first listed company to become a company, and its capital plan was implemented ahead of schedule.


The “, like go, is set." In a reporter's interview, some people in the industry so described, China's semiconductor industry has started, the next is how to grow, this process is the opportunity.


“China's share of the global IC market will grow, and the technology gap will be smaller. Zhou Xiaoyang believes that in most mature technical areas, at the market end, Chinese companies will have industrial advantages, but it may take a little more time.


To this, Jia Bin deeply feels the same way, it is 5G, the emergence of the Internet of things market, has brought him the opportunity to start a business. \"Intelligent, the interconnection of everything brings a huge long tail market, integrated circuits began from a single large number of general-purpose products, to small batch, multi-variety, such an industry trend just suitable for' ant male soldiers like Chinese IC design companies, in the face of popular style, they' boat small easy to turn around. \".


Zhou Xiaoyang is more worried about the frontier, advanced IC process. \"Entering 5 nm and 2 nm will require not only larger-scale input but also large-scale, endogenous talent.\" In Zhou Xiaoyang's view, semiconductor needs national input in many fields, especially in advanced process.


The “needs industry to work with colleges and universities to nurture more talent." In view of the talent gap, xinsi technology china chairman and senior vice president of global ge Qun from their own experience, give a "fast" road.


Mr “has put the global r